Coaching a youth baseball or softball team can be an incredibly rewarding experience. As a manager/coach, you will have a direct impact on the level of enjoyment that your players experience.

Each team in the competitive divisions should practice at least once each week in addition to the game schedule. Even if only a handful of players show up to your practices, they can be worthwhile. The key to a successful practice is keeping all of the players involved and getting them lots of touches. At the bottom of this page, there are a selection of drills that you can try.

Coaches Checklist:

  • Ice - every manager must bring ice to every game and practice
  • First Aid - every manager should have basic supplies
  • AED - an AED must be present at every game/practice. An AED is located at every field
  • Team bag - your equipment
  • Line-up board - a white board where you can post the order (available in all sporting goods stores)
  • Rake/Shovel - for basic field maintenance
  • Line-up planning spreadsheet - for preparation
  • T-ball manual - basics for new managers/coaches