1 (Poor): Seldom makes contact; poor pitch selection; strikes out most at bats

2 (Below Average): Occasionally makes solid contact; below average pitch selection; strikes out a lot

3 (Average): Consistently makes contact; sometimes contact is solid; puts ball into play; understands strike zone

4 (Above Average): Good pitch selection; almost always makes solid contact; high on-base percentage

5 (Excellent): Great pitch selection; gets hits with regularity; difficult to strike out




1 (Poor): Produces weak hits when contact is made; hits rarely leave infield grass

2 (Below Average): Can pop ball up; hits rarely go into outfield

3 (Average): Can hit hard grounders and will occasionally put balls into outfield

4 (Above Average): Can put ball into outfield; hits line drives

5 (Excellent): Can put ball deep into outfield; hits hard line drives




1 (Poor):  Weak fielder; occasionally makes plays

2 (Below Average): Usually makes simple plays; rarely makes harder plays

3 (Average): Always makes simple plays; occasionally makes harder plays; sometimes covers proper base/backs up plays

4 (Above Average):  Always makes routine plays; usually makes harder plays; always covers bases/backs up; usually catches fly balls as well as grounders

5 (Excellent): Superior fielder; always makes difficult plays; usually makes outstanding plays; always in the proper position; consistently catches fly balls as well as grounders; demonstrates knowledge of fielding at all times




1 (Poor): Poor technique; weak throws

2 (Below Average): Pushes rather than throws; can throw from 2B to 1B but not from SS or 3B

3 (Average): Good technique; can throw from 3B to 1B

4 (Above Average): Proper technique; can make throws from anywhere on the field; knows where to throw

5 (Excellent):  Superior arm strength and technique; all throws strong and accurate; consistent knowledge of where to throw




1 (Poor):  Slow; poor base runner

2 (Below Average): Slow; does not always know when to run

3 (Average): Average speed; steals bases; can slide

4 (Above Average): Fast; runs well; steals bases; makes proper turns; slides well

5 (Excellent): Superior speed and base running ability; rarely thrown out; always able to take an extra base; proper sliding technique




1 (Poor):  No real knowledge of the game

2 (Below Average): Below average knowledge of the game; usually does not know which base to throw to or run to; does not think 'what do I do if...'

3 (Average): Knows where to throw the ball; covers bases; sometimes thinks 'what do I do if...'

4 (Above Average): Throws to the proper bases, covers bases; runs aggressively; backs up properly; always thinks 'what do I do if...'

5 (Excellent): Superior knowledge of the game; always is in the correct position; always thinking ahead; a leader on the field





Note: There are two groups of pitching ratings - use the groups to create the total number

Ex: To give a player a 3 rating in Velocity or Control, either select Average (3) from Velocity/Control 1 and leave Velocity/Control 2 unchecked or select Poor (1) from Velocity/Control 1 and select Below Avg (2) from Velocity/Control 2



(in two parts*)


1-2 (Poor): Usually does not reach the plate

3-4 (Below Average): Reaches plate with little speed; players often make contact

5-6 (Average): Fair velocity; only above average players usually make contact

7-8 (Above Average): High velocity; ball usually not hit solidly except by superior players

9-10 (Excellent): Superior velocity; ball almost never hit solidly even by superior opponents



(in two parts*)


1-2 (Poor): Usually walks many batters

3-4 (Below Average): Often walks many batters

5-6 (Average): Can get through innings without walking in multiple runs; average strike/ball ratio

7-8 (Above Average): Rarely walks batters; usually stays within pitch counts; high strike/ball ratio

9-10 (Excellent): Rarely walks batters; can mix speeds and locations; uses a minimum of pitches; very high strike/ball ratio


Mechanics (Baseball)


1 (Poor): Does not show any sign of good pitching form.

2 (Below Average): May be able to pitch from the stretch.  Shows signs of being able to leg lift, stride, and break.  Timing is poor and release point is erratic. 

3 (Average): Pitches from the stretch. Has good leg lift.  Stride and break are generally on target line.  Timing and release point is adequate. 

4 (Above Average): Good form pitching from the stretch. May be able to pitch from the windup.  Timing and release point are fairly consistent.  Has good follow through.

5 (Excellent): Can pitch from the stretch or windup with confidence.  Stride is long, breaks into a strong power position, timing, release point and follow through are very consistent. 


Mechanics (Softball)


1 (Poor): no understanding of pitching form, improper technique, pitches illegally (taking steps toward batter), cannot reach home plate

2 (Below Average): Can pitch underhand, but not windmill.  Poor form and inconsistent release point

3 (Average): Able to pitch windmill but poor mechanics and technique, has potential but lacks formal training, can throw strikes on occasion 

4 (Above Average): Able to pitch windmill with proper technique and consistent release point, good control 

5 (Excellent): same as #4 but more consistent and has more than one pitch. Confident and strong understanding of pitching