Announcing…. Plainview Little League’s SENIORS BASEBALL and SOFTBALL

Seniors Baseball and Softball is the next exciting phase in your children’s baseball/softball path, for players who have “aged-out” of Little League. We have been developing a new revitalized Plainview SENIORS program for the SPRING ’17 and SUMMER ‘17, and we want to make you aware of the features of the league and opportunities for your player. Our goal is for the players in Plainview to continue to play with the friends they’ve made in Little League.

Softball: in grade 8 or higher
Baseball: in grade 7 or higher (boys in grade 7 born on or before April 30)

As part of online registration, you will select various criteria which will help us develop teams around the needs and requests of our players. The criteria will include selecting Moderate to Highly Competitive, Local to Short Distance for field locations, and Spring/Summer/Both Seasons. The schedules of the teams will be coordinated around the schedules of the school teams.

The Senior League Spring Season will start in early April 2017 and end in late June 2017

Senior Summer Travel  will run from late June 2017 through early/mid-August 2017. These Summer teams are for players and managers who are interested in a more competitive experience. These teams will play against skilled teams from other towns and may also participate in tournaments that are held in and out of New York.

We request that you register to show your specific interest for Spring, Summer or Both. No payment will be due at the time of registration. We ask that you register, so we may know the quantity of players who are interested. This will help us develop the types of teams as early as possible. Once the teams are formed, payments will be collected.

We welcome parents, managers, and coaches to continue to be active in the Senior League. We hope that you choose to continue to play baseball in Plainview Seniors Baseball.

If you have questions, please email

Click HERE to register for the Seniors division