Should I Stay or Should I Go?

Have all the players line up at home plate. With a coach by the players to start them off and a first base coach. As the players run to first, the first base coach will tell the player to 'beat it out', 'go 2' or 'make the turn' along with an appropriate visual signal (pointing to the bag, windmilling the arms, etc). If the player is told to 'beat it out' he or she should run through the base as if beating out a ground ball. If the player is told to 'go 2' he or she should make a proper turn and head to second base, sliding into the base if appropriate. If the player is told to 'make the turn' he or she should round the base and take 10 strides toward second base while facing the field. The first base coach can then tell the player to 'get back' to the base or 'go' to second.